Cambridge Invitational tournament 2019

Cambridge Invitational returns for a second season (see here for a report on 2018)!

Cambridge are pleased to announce we will be organising the small rink 4vs4 (3 outfield and 1 goalie) tournament this year again. The format will be similar to last year, with a number of 10min games, and teams split into an Elite and Recreational divisions. The exact format will be decided when the number of teams in each category is known.

The date this year is set to the 26th of May, the location will the same as last year (One Leasure in St Ives, PE27 6WU). Any teams who are interested please just contact us either via our Facebook page or email


The venue is St Ives One Leisure Indoor Centre.

Westwood Road
St Ives, Cambridgeshire
PE27 6WU

There is a free onsite car park and an onsite cafe (and bar) selling cooked food (and beer) which is open all day.


By Car

Free onsite parking at sport centre

By Public Transport

If you are not driving it is possible to travel to St Ives using the Cambridgeshire guided busway which connects to both Cambridge North and Huntingdon train stations.

Details of the Guided busway can be found here: The Guided Busway

The travelling time on the bus is approximately 30min from either train station, from the bus stop (Ramsey Rd) it is approximately 5min walk to the sport centre.


The team does not need to be registered with UKFF.


The Elite division consists of eight teams: Cambridge Elite, Rhinos, London Crusaders, Coventry, Norwich Elite, Slough, I am Floorball and Ping Pong. It is played in two groups of four teams, followed by quarterfinals, semifinals, a final and placement matches.

The Recreational division consists of seven teams: Cambridge Recreational, Norwich Recreational, Hitchin, Wakefield, GB Womens,, Southern Venom. It is played as a league, every team meet each other in a 10 min game.

Time Rink 1 Rink 2
10.00 Hitchin - Cambridge Rec - Norwich Rec
10.15   Southern Venom - GB Women
10.30 I am Floorball - Norwich Elite London Crusader - Ping Pong
10.45 Rhinos - Coventry Cambridge Elite - Slough
11.00 Norwich Rec - Hitchin - GB Women
Wakefield - Cambridge Rec
11.30 London Crusader - Cambridge Elite I am Floorball - Rhinos
11.45 Ping Pong - Slough Norwich Elite - Coventry
12.00 Cambridge Rec - Norwich Rec - Southern Venom
12.15   Wakefield - Hitchin
12.30 I am Floorball - Coventry London Crusader - Slough
12.45 Norwich Elite - Rhinos Ping Pong - Cambridge Elite
13.00 Wakefield - Southern Venom Norwich Rec - GB Women
13.15 Hitchin - Cambridge Rec Quarter final, B1-A4
13.30 Cambridge J1 - Cambridge J2 Wakefield - GB Women
13.45 Quarter final, A1-B4 Hitchin - Southern Venom
14.00 - GB Women Cambridge J2 - Cambridge J1
14.15 Wakefield - Norwich Rec Quarter final, B2-A3
14.30 Quarter final, A2-B3 Cambridge Rec - GB Women
14.45 Norwich Rec - Hitchin - Southern Venom
15.00 Semifinal, WQF1-WQF4 Semifinal, WQF2-WQF3
15.15 P1, LQF1-LQF4 P1, LQF2-LQF3
15.30 Cambridge Rec - Southern Venom Wakefield -
3rd-4th, LSF1-LSF2
16.00 5th-6th, WP1-WP2 7th-8th, LP1-LP2
Final, WSF1-WSF2