UK Nationals 2014

The UK Nationals where played at the Birmingham Futsal Arena on the 10-11th of May, with the 12 top teams in the UK competing.

As we ended last in our group (on goal difference) we played for position 9th-12th on the Sunday. We beat Warwick 2-1 and London Hammerhead Sharks 3-2, which means we finished in 9th place.

A bit unfortunate as we were the only team to beat London Great White Sharks!

 National 2014 Team

Team left to right: Linus, Daniel, Richard, Ondrej, Micha, Sean, Ollie, Lada, Petr, Toke, Johan, Juraj

London Great White Sharks - United Cities 6-3
Semi Finals
Hereford - London Great White Sharks 4-5
United Cities - Aberdeen Oilers 7-3
Quarter Finals (top two teams from each league)
Hereford - Bath 13-7
London Great White Sharks - London Vikings 7-3
United Cities - Kingdom Revolution 14-3
Oxford - Aberdeen Oilers 3-4

League matches

League A
Warwick - Unitted Cities 2-4
Bath - Warwick 7-2
United Cities - Bath 13-2
League B
Kingdon Revolution - Hereford 3-7
Hereford - Grantham Thundercats 8-5
Grantham Thundercats - Kingdom Revolution 2-8
League C
Cambridge - London Great White Sharks 3-2
Aberdeen Oilers - Cambridge 6-4
London Great White Sharks - Aberdeen Oilers 7-4
League D
Oxford - London Vikings 5-4
London Hammerhead Sharks - Oxford 3-6
London Vikings - London Hammerhead Sharks 9-3