Nationals 2023

The UK Nationals where played at Barking Sportshouse on the 7th of May, with the 4 top teams from the EFL competing.

Cambridge was pitched against UCM in the semi-final. It was a tightly fought contest ending 3-3 after fulltime and extra time, and the teams had to be separated with a penalty shoot out ending 5-4 in the favour of Cambridge.

The second semi-final was played between Bristol and London Sharks, and was equally even given Sharks a 6-4 win at the end.

The final between Cambridge and London Sharks was a very tight affair, but Cambridge managed to stay one or two goal ahead throughout the whole match. With a couple of minutes left with a 5-4 score to Cambridge London Sharks pulled their goal keeper resulting in a couple of empty net goals for Cambridge and a final score of 7-4.

UCM claimed the third spot with a 6-5 win over Bristol.

Nationals 2023 Team

Top left to right: Davis, Kristians, Ben B, Roman, Juha, Jasper, Ben D

Bottom left to right: Tomas, Petr, Dusan, Aaron, Linus, Dimitri, Elvijs